Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar

This past week a bunch of us celebrated Kat’s birthday because you never have a birthday day, it’s a birthday week. I love my wonderful friend so much because there is so much to love about her.

Ten Reasons Why I love Katherine:

1. She genuinely loves the Lord and wants his will no matter what.

2. She is the strongest, most incredible overcomer I have ever met.

3. It is so simple to talk to her. Not only does she listen but she gives good Godly advice. Plus, she totally understands my awesome family life ;)

4. She cracks me up even when she doesn’t try to.

5. She has the biggest heart for children- her family and friends.

6. I get to spend my work week and Sundays and the occasional date night with her.

7. A late night phone call is never an inconvenience.

8. I still learn something new about my friend each day.

9. I full blown love and embrace her girly side.

10. She is actually my friend and sees through all my wackiness.


Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate?

So we all gathered at Jen’s place and had a fiesta. Apparently, I slacked on the photography side that night. Most of my pictures bombed because they are completely out of focus or underexposed, composition lacks, I didn’t snap a shot of the Bieber poster, and I didn’t take any food pictures which I love to do.

But besides that, we had some great dishes! That’s why I stood near the “feed me and listen to music” table. I’m happy to say that my tomato and cucumber salad went. Unfortunately, Matt who wanted it the most had last servings and one cucumber slice.

Dan also overly enjoyed the time with Papi, Jen’s itty bitty dog that I can punt across the yard. Apparently Papi forgot all the love I gave him one night and gave all his attention to Dan. What is with Dan this week, attracting all things cute? First babies, now pint size dogs. It’s okay, I can dig it.

Blow out your candles!!!

We had a good game of Cranium, where Sarah and I shared a chair and devoured brownies together. Also, no one understood the famous people we had to act out, the play dough was dried up, and how the heck can you draw out R.E.M. anyways?! In the end, Kat’s team won.

Cheers to another year for Kat and good company!


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