I am 100!

Why all the celebration you ask?I have reached my 100th post!

It seems like just yesterday I sat in my dorm room, blog stalking, dreaming up reasons why to create a blog of my own (or reasons not to). First it was, “eh- who would want to know about my life and what I have to say?” Then it turned into, “Ha! who wouldn’t want to know about my life and what I have to say?!”

Instead of waiting till my life got “exciting”, I just started and life got really exciting. Blogging has truly helped me to see all that I have to appreciate in life. All it has to offer and every blessing each day brings.

Thank you all for your wonderful support, comments, and inspiration.

It means so much to me and makes this all worth while.

And of course, thanks to Marissa- For encouraging me to go for it.

Here’s to another 100!

Love you all


7 thoughts on “I am 100!

  1. You are incredible. Is it strange if I say I’m proud of you? Because I am. I just went through and read a punch of your first posts and it made my heart smile. I remember sitting our dorm and hearing you audibly have the conversation with yourself about whether or not to start a blog. Look at you now! Blogging is such a small thing…can’t wait to see you accomplish all of the big dreams that you fight with yourself in the same way about accomplishing. I believe in you!

    Also..I’ve included the link to my blog for my Lit class. It contains absolutely nothing interesting or personal or exciting about my life. But I figured you would get a good laugh at reading some of the gold I pull out of my bum and post on there. Perhaps after this semester I will revamp it into a new blog and title it “Marissa…and the things that will come after the things that are happening now.”

  2. Congratulations on your 100th! I know it’s late and I wish I’d discovered your blog early enough to be here when it was on time; but I’m glad to have found you anyway.

    So much great writing; wonderful stories and a brilliant perspective. Here’s to (hopefully) many more posts yet to come!

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