Ahh eh ya, say do you remember. Ahh eh ya dancing in September.

Alright, so I have a fall post ready to rock n’ roll but I just don’t want to click publish. Why you may ask? Because when I wrote it… IT FELT LIKE FALL. Now, it feels like summer again and it just doesn’t feel appropriate. If I’m going to go all out- I will, that’s why I’m holding out.

But on another note- September. Things have been rocking and rolling in my life too. The Point keeps me busy while I am transitioning to a new position and there are a bunch of events coming up that will need my attention. Personally, I’ve really been challenged to take a good inner look at myself.

Who am I? Where are my standards? Am I doing things with excellence? What are my assets and major growing points?

I’m thankful to be encompassed by a pastor and people who influence, assist, and challenge my spiritual journey with God.

Last week we had Gary Bruegman speak at The Point’s marriage conference. As a church and staff we were sad to see Gary go! We all mentioned how we wish Gary was here for another staff meeting but we keep his presence alive by saying, “should we have Gary come back to counsel you?” and “am I pushing your button?”

Also, my pastor made The Nines, an online leadership conference! Sooo cooooool. It’s going on today! Check it out if you can.

And tomorrow, at our Babylon location we’re having a benefit concert-Wage Love-partnering with TWLOHA and musical appearance by Andre Henry!!! So exciteddd! If you’re on Long Island check it out and invite all the young people in your life!


But yeah, I told you things have been moving.

Recently, I’ve decided to pick up my old hobby.

I’ve been drawing since I was a little girl, been in art classes the majority of my life, and I occupied my college schedule with art and photography courses (I enrolled in a ballroom dancing class too, shhh). Another random fact: I actually wanted to be an art history teacher once. Then when my steps positioned me to engage another path-Southeastern University… I stopped?

I’m not sure why. Maybe because I was engrossed with other tasks but minus the few painting projects I took on myself, I’ve really let my portfolio dwindle down. Sad story. But the good news. I have decided to challenge myself and sketch something every week and if I get busy- every two weeks because I know I slack when it comes to my own personal time.

So, these past two weeks have produced these:

After a bit of doodling and encouragement it sparked my love for sketching, drawing and doodling all over again. Honestly, it ushered me to the realization that it is never too late to begin something new OR reacquaint myself with an old talent. The past few months I’ve been insufficient in the creativity department. Possibly, it’s because I was looking in all the wrong places?

Is there a passion or talent that you have let go or discontinued?

Well buck up. I urge you to go for it all over again!  I’ll be your personal cheerleader if you want. HA.

See you bloggers.

Rock and Roll Baby. Rock and Roll.


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