Luke, I am Your Father

Sometimes it takes hanging out with children to realize how much creativity and adventure you lose when you get older. Oh, to be young again! When you can dream of being a figure skate, veterinarian, conductor, and a Toys R’ Us manager all in one. Where limits seem well, non-existent and the littlest of things is the hearts greatest fulfillments. I had a fantastic time watching the Bishop kids! I love them so much, not just because they crack me up but behind their personalities and chuckles they have the purest intentions and hearts. Or maybe any child is better than the ones I have nannied before in the past (did I just put that in writing?-yes I did).

Our first few hours were devoted to Malachi and videos games, which I kind of felt bad about because I didn’t give Malachi a run for his money at all. Then once Abby woke up it was time for a bit of role play and imagination (after we painted her nails of course). Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and an evil arch enemy were all present in a room full of couches and pillows, prepared with lightsabers, umbrellas, and batons as props. You can figure it out from there…

After switching sitter rotations, Brittany came to take over and while I was gone they made a fort!!! Jealousssssss but I got to reap great benefits because once I came back it was pajamas-popcorn-Ratatouille-in-a-fort-time!

The excitement to sleep in the fort was immense! Maybe too immense because they couldn’t sleep. First one out was Abs after I convinced her that her bed might be the best option. While putting her to sleep Malachi knocked out. That is until 4:30 when I heard little footsteps and the light flicker on. Luke Skywalker made it to his bed. For a half hour. Then he tried to fall asleep on the couch but that didn’t work so we stayed up because he really wanted to watch the sunrise. Alright, maybe the wool was pulled over my eyes a bit but why not live a little? We talked about what sunrises look like in the desert, karate, family, big dreams and how he conquered his fears of criminals by sleeping in a fort. How old is Malachi? Haha. So adult sometimes. Morning came eventually and that called for cartoons and breakfast. We missed out on some sleep but we gained memories and in my manuel of life that is always the better option.

So I leave you with this- “You can be childlike without being childish.”

Us adults still have a lot to learn or maybe unlearn. Think about it, implement it, and enjoy life today.

Love them Bishop kids.


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