Falling for Fall

Honestly, I LOVE THE FALL. I know many people love this season but honestly- I really really really am a lover of Fall. Not just because my birthday is in October but because everything just seems better. All my senses are more vibrant and I am continually inspired and HAPPY. Fall is like having your best friend come for a visit. Just when you have that casual summer day and the next- you’re hit with breezy cool temperatures. Time for boots and cozy long sleeves. Doesn’t a cup of tea just sound more appealing in autumn?

Alright, reasons why I love falling for…

1. Duh, fall leaves. Visually I love watching the season deteriorate into winter. That sounds evil but it’s so pretty! All those earthy, natural colors. ::sigh:: I still remember walking home from the bus stop making deliberate efforts to crunch leaves under my new “back to school” kicks.

2. Brisk bike rides in New York especially with a friend. Yeah, enough said. The having-your-nose-and-finger-tips-a-little-colder-than-the-rest-of-your-body effect.

3. Fall Fashion. Chunky sweaters and scarves and layers- Oh, my! Leggings and tights and neutrals with pops of color and knitted hats, lovely cardigans, loose curls, sweet shades, skinny jeans, leather jackets, booties, and boots… I’ll get to boots. Flats too!! Especially menswear looking flats. You can wear these in other seasons of course but…. better in the fall!

4. I used to hate boots when I was younger. I have no idea why. Maybe because my mom bought me ugly ones? Now you can’t get me away from my boots. I look for an excuse to wear them. I think they are so flattering and they come in all shapes and sizes.

5. Apple or Pumpkin picking! Who knew picking fruit and vegetables could be fun? But it is! I love running through a field with friends or family picking this junk! Even better, after all the laughs, heavy arms, and mazes: the cider and pie you get to create and devour after.

6. Which leads me to… apple cider. Nothing like good tasty apple cider with a cinnamon stick. I hate the smell of cinnamon (don’t ask) but I love it in my cider. Amen.

7. Ah, my love for more edible things. Next: Pumpkins! There are pumpkins everywhere and in everything during the fall. I know this is exposing a bit of my former ways but in high school I would drive around with my friends and steal pumpkins off peoples lawns. Once I went for one only to notice that it was fake and connected to a string of lights- my bad. The sensor light went on and I bolted with that thing. It was like a challenge to see how many pumpkins we could pile in the back of Dan’s explorer (Oops, sorry Dan). We apologize. For the record, some pumpkins that we grabbed were rotted. So others lack of lawn management was our punishment. Pumpkin bandits. What else were we suppose to do in Massapequa?

Anyways, I love pumpkin pie (and it’s like the only dessert Dan will eat). So why wouldn’t I love it in my coffee, muffins, and soups?!

(I have a feeling that when I start to decorate my house with pumpkins- they will be stolen. I’ll let these future deeds slide.)

8. Photography in the fall. Call me biased but there is just so much goodness to photograph. It also reminds me of when I started to use my SLR for the first time. I’d drive my car around and snap shots all around town- from scenery to people.

9. Fall Food. Hearty salads and delicious soups! Those of you who know me know I love my soup. Almost any soup but in the fall it just makes things comfier and cozier. Snuggle up on your couch with fall soup watching your new fall television show in your fall leggings and sweater. Okay, I’m annoying myself.

A few more quick ones…

10. Dreamy fall Decor:

11. Pocket watches look and feel better in the fall.

11. Tea is lovely in the fall.

12. Reading books is more appealing in the fall. Thanks Moth Art.

13. Love even seems more romantic in the fall. Taking walks with the person you love, grabbing a cup of coffee, good company. Street lights, fresh air… love.

14. Not to mention a random fall playlist pulling together songs from the past and present.

15. Oh yeah, and it is my birthday in the fall. OCTOBER 21!

16. Overall, everything just seems cooler in the fall- No pun intended.

Usually Winter and the New Year is known for it’s tendency to provoke people to thrash through their year but ironically, fall is my reminiscing season. Like when Dan flew to NY from FL to surprise me for my birthday. Then we spent the day in Montauk, only to realize hardly any restaurants were open and we ditched an expensive restaurant after we ate a salad and crab cake. Or for instance, like growing up and attending school. It was that time of season where you finally settled in, the first day of school awkwardness was over, you hung out with your close friends and had the excitement of adding new ones to your experiences- before everything went downhill after winter and random drama happened. I think of funny stuff like that. Or the random adventures that would take place outside. When you were young (honestly, didn’t have a ton of worries-parents were right) and your biggest fear was eventually passing your drivers ed exam. When true love appeared hollywood red. When you would inhale the crisp air at night and feel invincible under artificial light. When “underground” songs seemed directed to you and what mattered more than imaginary numbers and DBQ essays was your friends and the lessons you learned outside of the classroom doors.

I warned you that fall triggers a lot for me.

Now that life is different, now that I am different- It’s time to start making different fall memories.

Starting. Today.


22 thoughts on “Falling for Fall

  1. It’s raining in my part of Southern Cali, and you’ve inspired me to go make a cup of tea, grab a good book,

    and later buy some new boots & sweaters!!
    I can already hear my bank account screaming ‘NOOO!’ haha
    Happy early Birthday !! :)

  2. My husband loves pumpkin pie too! He’s the same in that it’s one of the only desserts he will eat. You just inspired me to cook one for him since I haven’t yet this fall!

  3. Great post. Now I wish it was fall. We clearly don’t have the same kind of fall in Arizona, but my wife goes nuts for it anyway. We have these two giant plastic tubs-one filled with Christmas decorations, the other with fall. So much to love about it….

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