Part I: Yo Broad! Where You At?

So yeah, I guess you can say that I’ve been out of commission for a bit considering I used to be consistently blogging- Either about food, life, a new place, an event, etc. But things have still been hustling on over here and between all of the ups and the downs I’ve had some pretty awesome opportunities, traveled a bit, met new people, and have encountered adventures along the way. SO- here ya go. Late October into the New Year.

Roundtable with Troy Gramling: It was so cool to have Troy Gramling at The Point! Not to mention being surrounded by tons of pastors in the NY area. I love leadership conferences because they always (well at least the ones I have been to) shed light onto areas that have been skimmed over and expand your vision and purpose in life. Good stuff. Along with the serious pictures, there are a few, well, non-serious ones. Thanks Dave.

Washington D.C. Staff Advance: What can bond a team more than a road trip to D.C.? If you know this staff, well you know what kind of shenanigans we can get ourselves into. So let me throw some pictures at you and give you a few descriptions. First we braved a very early morning but we had Dunkin Donuts too so that eased the discomfort. Not to mention we cranked some good tunes. Unfortunately, no Otown or Boyz II Men. We also took a little detour through NYC. That was all improv :/ But hey! This chick got to take these pictures and we still made it to Cracker Barrel to meet the other half of the crew. Last time we were all at Cracker Barrel we were fasting- Since then I have not had oatmeal. Sad but true. This long span of an oatmeal-less life might end soon (I’ll fill you in on that some other time).

We finally made it to the D.C. area and arrived at Ebenezer’s Coffee House which was our destination. It was there that we explored the church, offices, etc. and met with our counterparts. I met with Jennifer and she is completely fantastic and she had a really encouraging conversation with me. Then we all gathered for a group meeting with Pastor Mark Batterson. Now, I know that we went in October which is a few months ago but there are some things that you don’t forget- like a discussion with Pastor Mark and your team!

1. Little things add up to big things. Remember to do the small with excellence.

2. Honor: Give honor where honor is due. Affirm one another. Honor the Lord, unashamed, always. There is always room for progress.

3. If you want God to do something new, try something different.

4. Stay humble/Stay hungry. Dream BIG and don’t regress.

5. Staff wise: Shield what you can, better to over communicate than under communicate, and don’t externalize but verbalize.

In addition to these life principles we were able to dive into a lot of the systems that National Community Church uses and pick the brains of some of the staff regarding small groups, discipleship, and Sunday mornings.

NCC always feels like family.

Next stop: Exploring D.C. with these cool kids. Some of these pictures have a striking resemblance to the pictures of our last D.C. trip. Like Pastor Todd with the bell. Soak it in, don’t ask questions.

More randoms to inform you on, which you may care about, may not care about. We ate food at the same time as Meryl Streep, which I can now add to my book of “Have Done”. I devoured a chicken potpie. We got our first clues to the scavenger hunt which we tackled the next day (P.S. we were the treasure!). We walked around till our feet were about to fall off. I waved to inanimate objects such as the Washington Monument. I raced Abby down cobblestone sidewalks multiple times. We hit up at least three museums, I learned multiple facts, I was in my glory staring at tons of dinosaur skeletons, and somehow we got past security with a can opener (?). I met Nee Nee, ate delicious icecream, played Balderdash, attempted to stay up all night with Kat but fell asleep to the sound of a soccer game, and woke up to Lynn’s fantastical voice. We celebrated four birthdays! Lynn and Nee Nee of course and Matt- 20th, me- 21st. Holla! Oh yeah, and how many people does it take to find one dang light switch? Answer: Three: Kat, Matt, and myself. Second question: Who puts a light switch behind a framed picture? Very sneaky. There were a ton of peddle story moments and I don’t think I could have laughed any harder. But really.

Final conslusion to wrap up this whole trip. I love this team and I love The Point. I am honored to serve under an awesome leader. I love learning and I love laughing. I love knowing that great things are ahead and I love knowing God is going to unravel huge dreams.

Now, shall we go on to Part II? Because there’s a lot more fill in the blanks.


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