Part II: Yo Broad! Where You At?// Marissa

Let us carry on. When plane wheels met rugged runway in New York, my heart leaped because this girl walked off…

There is no one like her!!! And there’s nothing like a best friend, ex roommate reunion. Marissa Swiech!! I love you, I love you, and I love you! I miss you a lot! I listen to the Lost soundtrack by myself. You made my birthday 10x better and I can’t wait for you to come back again and I can’t wait to visit the Pitts because it’s happening.

There was a lot of bowling, a good amount of food, many encounters with my NY clan, a lunch at Brownstones (where I got my mojo back), a venture into the city, shopping (duh, matching bracelets), Starbucks with Dawn..?, running around Times Square trying to find Beth- Thank God we found Beth, Hookers For Jesus Sunday, and a fall afternoon nap with my best friend.

Besides the fact that the three of us are probably in a Korean documentary because umm, SHINEE was in town filming! Even if that didn’t happen it still would have been a memorable, splendid time. Beth you have impeccable timing when it comes to vacationing in New York. I’m so happy that I actually got to see your face!!!

I know I said this was part II and I was going to sum up the rest of these months in one last blog post but I have altered my plans. This post is dedicated strictly to the friendship between Marissa Swiech and I. Why? Because when I go through these pictures I can’t help but miss my best friend and not many people can say that in life. Before you people get dramatic and say, “Ew. It sounds like you’re talking about your significant other.” I don’t care!!! I will hold hands with this girl any day!

I knew it was friends at first sight when we both knew “jingle jangle lads” was from Role Models and when we would awkwardly end conversations with each other with “Laters on the Menj.” Thank God Hebah woke me from my nap and introduced us when she did. Good thing we both went to Guatemala some time in our life and obsessed over scarfs. We really hit it off. Good thing I was a loser girl with no friends to room with the next semester and good thing Swiech was fresh SEU meat with no friends too. I’m happy God arranged that perfect equation that = AWESOMENESS. I would have never made it through my all-nighters without her company, would have had no one in the room with me when I had to skype my mom and tell her I pierced my nose, and would have no one with me to log how many times we urinated in a day (nothing was wrong with us it was just a competition. Maybe there is something wrong with us). We have jogged many lakes together, have sang many Michael Jackson songs together, memorized multiple skits together, hated Mary Kay together, and been recklessly woken up by Nettie and “Bottoms Up” together. We’ve had too many late night Taco Bell runs.

Marissa, I became a Steelers fan for you last Superbowl season. Coldplay, John Mayer, Kings of Leon nights. Remember that time you threw my slipper off the balcony and we couldn’t find it for like a half hour? Thank you :) I enjoy reminiscing about our crafting nights and our random Spring cleaning days (open the doors and windows and fabreeze the crap out of everything). Watching “The Other Guys” with you is the best. Trying to wake you up when you don’t want to wake up is the worst (just kidding, it’s not!) We have been turtles together, geocached together, snuggled and watched ice cream in bed together, and enjoyed nature and the simple things in life together. We created BodyBook and fake people, enjoyed our love for museums and the finer things in life, we’ve put chicken under Nettie’s bed, and hid her bras and underwear, and we have procrastinated big time together. I can skype with you for hours, laugh till it hurts, and I always enjoy picking up from where we left off. We read Redeeming Love at the same time and when were not together somehow we are doing the same thing… It’s quite bizarre actually. I’m convinced you’re my blonde twin and we were separated at birth. Ok, far fetched. Maybe we’re just kindred spirits. I still get this pit in my heart when I think of the day after graduation and I hugged you in the parking lot and cried when you left because I knew my college dorming career with you was over- Really it was because I felt like I was being separated from my sister.

We’ve shared our biggest dreams together and told our deepest fears to each other. I’ve laughed with you but I’ve also cried with you. You were there in my great days and you stuck around in the days that felt horrible. You’ve always been there to encourage me as a friend and always challenge and push me. I’ve never had a friend look out for me like you have. I’ll never take for granted the days we did devotionals together and prayed with each other. I am so thankful and beyond blessed to have you in my life. Marissa Swiech you are definitely one of a kind and I’m sorry that I don’t tell you enough how much your friendship means to me. I pray for you often and know that God has the world to give you : )

Blue Steel. Always.


3 thoughts on “Part II: Yo Broad! Where You At?// Marissa

  1. I had so much fun with you two! Thank you for being such an inspiriting woman of God. You are Marissa are people I look up to and love very much!!! I’ll see you next time I’m in NYC!

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