A Belated Hodgepodge.

Alright so let’s wrap these updates up.

Annie Lobert founder of Hookers for Jesus came from Las Vegas to our church to speak with her lovely assistant, Samantha and her husband Oz Fox. Yes, the Oz Fox, guitarist from the band Stryper. Not to mention their visit was on my birthday weekend! Happy birthday to me. Good times yo. Annie’s story and the stories of so many other women is amazing and truly a miracle. They are the most down to earth, fun, and encouraging people that I have ever met. If you have the chance to check out what they are doing in Vegas– do so- Hookers for Jesus!

Then we had the pleasure of hosting ARC, Association of Related Churches and other leaders in the NY metro area. ARC brings together people with a passion for planting and growing life-giving churches. It was awesome to have met some of the board members including Stovall Weems!

This past Thanksgiving I spent it in NYC with my mom and sister which means, I also made it to the Thanksgiving Day Parade! It was different take on spending the holidays with the family. We checked out new eateries, met new people, I sat on those elevated red stairs in Times Square, and experienced black Friday in NY, which wasn’t as bad as others may think.

This winter I did two things that were new. 1. I went caroling with my church which was so much fun and yes, cold. 2. I went iceskating for the first time… in A WHILE. Last time I went iceskating, I was in elementary school and had the sheer rush of flying into the penalty box. This time was a little different.

Now, there was a ton more. So to speed up this process you have to read the rest of this post like you are auctioning off a storage unit to a bunch of garbage pickers.

I spent some time with Abs at Buffalo Wild Wings and the rest of the night with the Ramy’s at their house. Matty made cookies and they were fluffy and delicious!

Then after two Christmas Eve services, I spent Christmas at home with my mom and sister, which was composed of lots of food, sparkling cider, movies and of course Scrabble. I love Scrabble!

A few days before the new year I had lovely fire time with some fantastic ladies at the Aksnes home. You know when you have those nights where you leave and have 1,000 inside jokes and secrets? Yeah, this was that night. Looking at these pictures, I recall how much I needed and loved this girl time. Not only was this night epic because we had a fire pit, it was epic because Roman made it for us. NOT ONLY THIS, I became his number fourth fan, next to his three daughters. What a successful night. Hey, guys #thatsnotpentecostal.

Then I had fiesta time and house hopped with a bunch of people for New Years Eve. Yes, guacamole made it to all occasions.

Had good quality time with Brooky, endulging in sushi and wayyyy too many laughs. Then we bombarded a random closing Blockbuster in search of a Jane Austen, old-timish movie, only to both buy Flight of the Conchords- Season 1 and 300 Days of Summer. Both of us-Each our own copies. That is true friendship. Then we had tea with Lorraine and the little sis and danced- to Just Dance. I slept good that night.

Lastly, to really start the New Year right, Mark Batterson kicked off his book tour at The Point, which consisted of a leadership forum during the day for pastors, leaders, and ministers in the NY metro area and an evening service for our church. Way to begin our Wednesday night prayer services! Hosting Pastor Batterson was one of the coolest things ever! Let’s be real. Anyone who can roll with our staff dodgeball is a down to earth person in my book! It was an honor to have one of the best speakers in our church and if you have not picked up Circle Maker, I suggest that you do. Personally, it has transformed my prayer life not because it is a quick fix or gives magical solutions but it is based on true Biblical principles. Pray big, pray hard, pray long! It’s been awesome being in the position to realize the miracles that are happening around me and in the lives of others.

Well, there you have it! All caught up. Things are all officially falling into place. Until next time.


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