Snap My Picture- Insta Style

The saying, “a picture is worth 1,000 words” claims the notion that ideas and assumptions can be expressed with just a single image. Recently, I took up the Instagram Challenge where you snap a photo a day according to what the list demands, which some can be demanding, causing you to think outside of the box. Especially when the sun starts to set on your day and you are in dire need to snap a cool picture worthy of insta-artistic praise. I’m not making any promises but here is a little glimpse into my life, personality, and my month of February.

1. Your View Today  2. Words  3. Hands  4. A Stranger  5. 10am  6. Dinner  7. Button  8. Sun  9. Front Door  10. Self Portrait  11. Makes You Happy  12. Inside Your Closet  13. Blue  14. Heart  15. Phone  16. Something New  17. Time  18. Drink  19. Something You Hate To Do  20. Handwriting  21. A Favorite Photo of You  22. Where Your Work  23. Your Shoes  24. Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet  25. Green  26. Night  27. Something You Ate  28. Money  29. Something You’re Listening To

1. “Point Church, this is Gina speaking. How can I help you?” This was my view for February 1st and still most days of my life- my office desk, which looks a bit different now. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get to see it.

2. Words!!! This carton was a marketing tool given to us by missionaries headed to Northern Asia. The Brinegar’s are a great family!

3. Hands. Dirty hands for that matter. February 3rd, we painted the church sanctuary which now looks awesome!

4. A Stranger. This picture shows that I’m great at Google, I have the potential to be a creeper, and that I love great contrast in photos. I don’t even know this kid. Stranger for real.

5. 10am. I totally slept in and it felt great. SMILE! You can’t see my bedspread but it’s famous. It was in a random commercial and in the last season of LOST.

6. Dinner was not extravagant the night of February 6th. This lets you in on what I do when there is nothing spectacular cooked. I open a can of Progresso soup and devour while watching the Bachelor (ugh, did I just admit that?)

7. Buttons! On my cardieee. My beloved Express cardigan that I bought with my Express discount and have rocked for many years. See, you learned something new. I used to be an Express employee.

8. The Sun. I love days in the sun but this day there was none. Sorry for the Dr. Seuss feel but really, there was no sun that day- just snow! This picture is living proof that we actually did get some snow fall this winter season.

9. Front door to a new asian sushi joint I was privileged to explore. I love sushi.

10. This obscure body shot of myself was taken during a Valentine’s Day party set-up by lovely Abby, my pastor’s daughter. After that, we cleaned up, pretended to be princesses and in the process of trying to find my lost iPhone, we laid on the carpet and pretended to star gaze.

11. This is what makes me happy. Chicks that hate boys! Ha just kidding, but really I loveeee these girls. Each and everyone of them! I look forward to broad nights at the Aksnes household.

12. This is just a sneak peak at my closet. I mean, do you really need to see the whole thing? Gosh, privacy!

13. These are blue lights that are always lit at this lounge called Four on Rt 110. I paused and thought it was appropriate for the challenge. What was not appropriate: the man pacing outside screaming at his girlfriend via cellphone.

14. Heart. Of course they wanted heart for Valentines Day. Well here you go- hearts on a gift bag that my mom gave me. Candy!

15. Look at this quaint, not-so-little phone booth! Our staff meeting took place outside in a cute area of Hicksville. P.S. We all crammed in that booth later on.

16. Something new were the contacts that were suctioned to my eyeballs! But if you didn’t know what my eyes look like, now you know.

17. Time. This may look like a crummy picture, which it is but do you know what this time signifies?! 1:23 minutes till laser tag time! BAM! Yeah, I went laser tagging this month with a bunch of cool kids.

18. This picture just emanates Western feminism. Check out my nifty bed stand, with my nifty fashion magazine, and my nifty mug of tea, and ohhh look, I wore pretty lipstick today! But take note of the background, I’m intellectual and read too.

19. This is a picture of the buttons on our massive copy machine (A.K.A. Bertha). Also, why is it that we always have to give hideous names to objects that bother us? I love our copy machine but not when she decides to take a day off and not tell us.

20. These are my notes from a devotional. Analyze that script handwriting and tell me about myself.

21. Top Photo:  I entered this picture into a No Shave November Contest and won a T-Shirt. Monumenal moment and definitely a highlight of my life. Bottom Photo: A picture that I actually thought I looked good in. Hollaaa. No don’t.

22. I work at The Point Church. If you didn’t get it the first time or see it splattered all over my social media outlets.

23. These are my treasured Steve Madden flats. I really like them a lot.

24. I don’t really have a bathroom cabinet. I came back from college and never got my own space again! Fail.

25. This is my sea foam green antique dresser that is in my “Tibetan Red” room. Yes, that is what the paint swatch said. I love this dresser! It is my favorite piece in my bedroom.

26. February 26th I watched the Oscars with a bunch of other viewers and this is the well known, Sandra Bullock. Most people say she is my doppelganger but you can decide for yourself. The sandwich lady at Southeastern University thought I looked like her and would say, “ohh hello Sandra” and then would proceed to make me a buffalo chicken wrap. Nice lady.

27. Smashburger of Hicksville. I love me a good burger because girls who order salads are pansies. Just kidding. I like salad too.

28. I dropped my iPhone outside on the concrete so money is something I need to get a new cellular device.

29. The Head and the Heart jams and I purchased the most recent Coldplay cd which I enjoy very much so.

So there you have it. The month of February. Here’s to a new month full of picture anxiety! 


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