“Yeah, you girls look like a diet coke table…”

What does that even mean, Michael, waiter of Cheesecake Factory in Westbury? If I simply went out by my lone which I’ve been doing more recently, I would have let this odd comment roll off my shoulders but because I was graced with the presence of my friends from community college, this mere sentence was the start of many laughs and well, too many conversations with our waiter. And for your information, we are more of the water with lemon, fruit smoothie, seltzer, iced coffee kind of table. Just sayin’. I think he was blown away by our estrogen.

There’s nothing like going out to dinner with old friends to catch up and when I mean catch up- four years of catch up. For the most part, we all separated ways after 2008 and went off to bigger and better things than honors club and Phi Theta Kappa (wait, who am I kidding what’s better than that?). Besides our waiter, Michael Stewart   insert very Jewish last name here  , interjecting humor into our conversation, our table talk consisted of new jobs, working with male coworkers, living life on our own, boy issues, more boy issues, good news, bad news, the excitement of future vacations, and evident singleness. My how our conversations have matured over the years. We once spoke of the days where we had huge exams, made arrangements for transportation to the NY Botanical Gardens, and what we were doing for the weekend. Now, we are bombarded by the fact that we have big girl jobs and no matter where we turn someone is either getting married or popping out a kid. Ahhh, womanhood! Ahhh, adulthood! For the record, none of us are married or have kids… yet.

With all this jibber jabber, I have a few conclusions:

1. There is nothing like getting together with a group of girls that you haven’t seen in awhile. It was an experience for all of us.

2. I’m really sorry Michael, for delicately sprinkling water droplets on your canvas of a face while Renata asked you a very personal question… Alright, I’m sorry for spitting my drink all over you, in disbelief of Renata’s brazenness. It was a mistake. You were very forgiving.

3. Don’t rush life. Job opportunities, marriage, kids, all lie ahead in the future. We’re young, don’t force life! I’d like to think that as people are getting married and having kids, I’m getting more fantastically awesome!

4. Always take time for people. You will never get enough time for that “thing” that you really want to do when you have time to do it. IT WON’T HAPPEN! So do it now. People matter and when it comes to family and friends, don’t take them for granted or miss the opportunity to do life together.


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