Color Me Pretty.

Happy Easter everyone! I love the Spring and all of its liveliness, patterns, and splashes of color! I hope all of you lovely bloggers had a splendid Easter season. I spent the day at The Point, met tons of new people, dwindled away hours at home with the sister, colored eggs, visited my dad and Villette, and laughed off the rest of the evening with friends and family. Mmm, simplicity.

~See ya soon and have a darling kind of week~


2 thoughts on “Color Me Pretty.

  1. Dying eggs for the Easter season is so much fun! I was able to go home for Easter weekend and be with my family. We also died boiled eggs to help pass the time. Dad read something about using a white crayon to write on the eggs with. Use the crayon to write whatever on the eggs then dye them. The writing is left white! So cool! If you end up trying that let me know your thoughts. It is good to read your blog, makes me feel as if I am with you. Miss you Gina!

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