Easter Weekend


Easter weekend is a huge shindig at The Point! It’s weeks of preparation, dedication, and excitement. It’s what we crazy ministry people live for!!! It’s that time of the year where flocks of people come out to celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ, a day of celebration and remembrance of a God that is not dead but alive and weaving a path for our lives each day. We had a total of eight services between Babylon and Hicksville, a record setting attendance up by 71%, multiple decisions for Christ, a handful of people baptized, and we launched our Babylon Campus- full force. Needless to say it was an exciting hope-filled weekend spent with friends, family, and new faces.

Every morning provides a day to count your blessings but let’s be honest, sometimes it takes moments and events like these to provoke those moments of blessedness. It’s these snippets in time that we are reminded what is truly important in life. I walked away from this Easter Sunday with a refreshed faith and a renewed excitement of salvation and discipleship. There’s no greater joy than watching others heal and see them prompted to action. To behold the moments when people realize the potential they have in Christ and come to the same realization that you once came to; when your road forked in two and you knew there was only one possible decision. Life isn’t worth doing alone and we are all created for a greater purpose by a God that cannot be defined.

I hope you had a genuine Easter filled with joy and the appreciation of those around you!

Jesus loves you :)


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