How to Have a Successful Disc Golfing Day.

Step 1: Fuel Up

And I’m not talking car-wise, although that is helpful necessary. Grab a hearty, yummy breakfast or else you are succumbing to the fact that your throws are going to be weak. No one likes a weak disc golfer! Also, grab coffee. Okay, this is not necessary but in my world it is. Coffee mixed in with special events makes for a better day.

Step 2: Triumphant Travels

You must cross over bridges while singing loudly. Don’t forget to put your windows down. If you don’t, you’re not fun and if you’re not fun, I don’t know how you ever got into disc golfing in the first place. It is the only way to enjoy your trip to Westchester, NY. The random shuffle on your ipod will suffice.

Step 3: Get Excited Upon First Sight

There’s just something about stepping onto a grassy field knowing that you are going to chuck discs all day at a metal object decked with glorified chains. Sounds a lot like stupidity but think again! Practice your putting, pay attention to the signs, and scream a lot. Throw your fists in excitement a lot. Alright, it was my first time. Maybe that was why I was so ecstatic.

Step 4: Put the Par in Party

Yeah, you heard me! You can’t have par without party. Having fun is not always necessarily what you are doing but with whom you are doing things with- so enjoy it! I love new experiences or trying new hobbies, especially when there is someone to do it with. I learned about my natural curve, how to throw over hand, and where the disc goes depending on my toss. I learned how to spot discs lost in marsh land and how to clean mud off my shoes with rocks. That was…well, messy.

Step 5: Slipped Discs

Okay, not sure why I named step five this but now that I’m thinking about it I could have some slipped discs after this day. I was so sore after but you don’t realize it in the moment. That’s why you take happy pictures such as these. To recharge, pack a lunch, take a rest and have a picnic. Disclaimer: Take this time to go to the bathroom and no, not in the woods! Plant life needs water to survive, not your urine ;)

Step 6: Gaze & Amaze

It was SO pretty where we were and it was extremely hard to ignore the nature we were surrounded by. Gosh, it was like the Hunger Games minus the killing. Everything was just so massive and I was just so small. There were towering trees, sparkling lakes, pretty flowers and I even saw a huge family of deer! Serious Note: In a complicated world, absorb the simplicity of life. I am so blessed.

Step 7: Quality Time

End the night with great company. This has nothing to do with disc golfing but why not end the night on a fantastic note with people that you love- Michelle and Mike. Not only did they provide us with comical entertainment but they fed us, we watched some TV, Michelle and I Facebook stalked, and we ate some MooLaLa to seal the deal.

What you can glean from this story:

Try Disc Golfing.
If not your cup of tea, try something different or out of your comfort zone.
Get outside and enjoy this lively earth!
Surround yourself with positive genuine people.
Get out of complicated and enjoy the simplistic things things that your life has to offer.


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