Glorious M-E-T-S

Happy belated 4th to all of you in America! I spent my eve of the 4th at Citi Field watching the Mets whoop the Phillies and boy did we give them a whooping. As a little girl I grew up a Mets fan. So much so that my American Girl doll made it to Shea Stadium with an oversized Mets hat on multiple occasions but since the demolishing of Shea- I have never been to the new field! Now, I’ve been to Yankee Stadium twice as a traitor but man was it great heading to CF.

Not to be biased or anything but compared to the industrialized, ego empowered Yankee Stadium, in my opinion Citi Field overshadows them Yanks. We’re more family driven, good ‘ol hearted sports loving, Shake Shack eatin’ people and when it comes to singing “Take me Out to the Ball Game”, we really mean it.

So I know what your thinking, “the Mets? Really? Why don’t you just give yourself the death sentence- they suck!” Well Okay. I know we hit a bad streak. A bad one. But Hakuna Matata. The past is the past! Whatever happened to dedication! We’re not all-stars but look where we are now?! We’re still in the season. Let me live a little and relish in the moment! I mean, this is America, home of the underdog and who doesn’t like to stare at David Wright anyways?

To wrap this rant up-I had an awesome time at the game, with an awesome guy, eating awesome burgers, fries, and shakes (which we got for free. Thank you Jewish Jeff for paying), watching the awesome Mets beat the Philies in our awesome seats- because I am awesome for choosing them, while witnessing awesome Wright hit a homer, hearing the Phillies fans behind me awesomely complain and cry, only to end with an awesome win, making history with the record breaking attendance of 42,516 awesome fans and watching fantastically awesome fireworks.

Grammatically correct? Probably Not. Awesome regardless? Yes.
God Bless America and the Mets!



4 thoughts on “Glorious M-E-T-S

  1. From one childhood METS fan to another……………………………………..
    Your totally correct about the fun and loyalty of METS fans. Such a sense of family, a reminder of being a kid and the excitement of being at a game with your family. Defending who you root for nomatter how terrible they are that season.
    Love the blog, hope to go to the new stadium myself one day~
    Your fellow fan, childhood friend, and sister forever,
    Tara……………………….. the one who should “Write a Book” LOL

  2. Gina, thanks so much for celebrating the holiday with Shake Shack at Citi Field. ShackBurgers & baseball are always a great fit, but especially on America’s birthday!

    Hope you had an awesome 4th, and our team can’t wait to see you again soon!

    -Brandy, Shake Shack

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