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Okay, so recently I found Pinterest… ekkkkk. Now, I know what everyone was raving about. Now, I finally understand the comments from all types of women complaining of sleep depravity because they were up “pinning” all night. Now, I get the random DIY pictures uploaded to Facebook by oh-so-perfect-Susie-Homemaker. Refurbishing ugly bottles, mixing concoctions to throw into the oven, etc. Who can resist planning your wedding before you have a boyfriend because it’s at the click of your fingers? Why not gut out a pepper, fill it with dip, and serve it to your guests?

Me: “Hey, insert name here. Want to go shopping?”

Response: “Sure, I would love to! Wait, let me go check my Pinterest first!”

WHAT?! Ok… NOW, I get it… 

Recently, I found this and I thought that it was pretty cute, considering I’m an Instagram addict.

I pinned it off of THE lovely Martha Stewart site. Because Martha has done it best for years. She may have embezzled mad guap but people still want to stuff a turkey like her. Click to see how you can turn your Insta pictures into something even more creative that you can display in your house or give as a gift! Because now everyone can be an artist.

Needless to say, I am a beginner but get at me- Pinterest- gcampanale.

Love you guys :)


One thought on “Pin This

  1. Instagram, Pinterest,Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter, and so many more are just names to me. Good to know that you found something more than interests you, that you’re able to share your creativity through. That’s definitely a good thing. Be sure to make the most of it.

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