VBS… Vibrant, Bright, Silly…. Kids.

Kids man, kids. This year at The Point we had our first Vacation Bible School.. Ever. Not only a first for our church but a first for me. I’m surrounded by all VBS veterans and as a kid who knew about God but didn’t grow up in church, VBS was complete new terrain.

It was a lot of planning, a lot of imagination, a lot of budgeting, and a lot of taping, rolling, tacking and crafting. In the end? It was worth it. I was queen of craft time and pro-pourer in the land of sand art! More importantly, I saw 33 children Claim Jesus to be their best friend in their lives!

After letting some time pass by and having the experience of VBS sit in my brain, there are a few things that have resonated with me.

First: There is no such thing as “too young”. Teach you kids about God. Kids are freakin’ smart! They say the funniest things, they pick up on the miniscule that us adults pass by, and they find joy in the simple. They are like little wise people! As an example, be careful of what you say and do. You may not have a child of your own but no matter where you are… they are watching!!! You are some sort of role model, good or bad, wether you want to be or not.

Second: Don’t underestimate what they are going through. Just because they are four or seven years old doesn’t mean they don’t worry. Ever since I’ve been around the children in our kids ministry I’ve learned to pick up on the little undertones that carry through their simple sentences. For instance, “my sister always talks over me so I just keep to myself”, “I live with mommy but I never see daddy”, “I saw “this” movie this week, it was rated R… oops I wasn’t supposed to say that!”, “my uncle has been really sick so I pray to God all the time”. Bob Dylan was right when he said, “the times they are a changin'”. These kids can’t even take a walk around the block without the thought that they can be kidnapped. Little kids surrounded by big issues.

Three: They just need love and attention! Wether they get love and attention from home or not, take the time to show them love. Especially within the church. Thank them when they help out, confirm them when they do the right thing, tell them how talented they are, let them know they are funny if they are funny. If they do something wrong, make them aware and actually give them a solution! Let them know they are special, accepted and that in this world, people do care!

Four: Get over yourself! Just kidding. But really, have fun! As an adult who/where else can you roll around on the floor, bite the heads off animal crackers, and talk super heroes all day with? You would look weird doing that with your boss but with a kid- You’re awesome!

Ugh, how they wiggled their way into my little heart… ANNOYING! ;) Honestly, how cute are they?


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