Date Night

Okay, it wasn’t a date night similar to Steve Carrell and Tina Fey but it was still fantastic and in NYC! Come on, let’s be truthful now. If anyone can pull off Steve and Tina it’s us. We have enough personality and humour. That’s right, humor with an o-u-r. #classy.

As I get older, at the seasoned age of almost 24, there is one thing that I have learned and experienced. Life gets busy. I have a job and responsibilities that consume the majority of the week, I work in a highly relational driven atmosphere, I have a family that is split in two different households, I have a wonderful boyfriend, and his family, I have house duties on Saturdays, and church on Sundays, oh and I do have friends… and depending on the season Saturday evenings are softball. Nights are for meetings, showering, reading or blogging- if I’m not too tired. Life gets busy. 

I’ll give you a few insights on this guy Matthew, in small dosages. Matt’s nickname growing up was the Mayor of Franklin Square (FS is his hometown). Now that he expanded his geographical sphere with the addition of a car, age, occupation and LIFE!… I think the appropriate nickname now is the Mayor of Everywhere. This is a great quality and one that I appreciate a bit considering, I run into people I know often. Most couples, when they date, usually fall into the problem of spending all their time together and hardly with their friends. In our case, it is the complete opposite. We spend our time together and with everyone else under the sun. It’s us and my family, us and his family, us and church family, us and the youth, us and softball friends, us and friend-friends. Once again, great thing but we do realize and have been learning when to call it quits and spend quality time together as just… us. Sunday nights watching Lost reruns and eating popcorn, although highly entertaining and fun, is not “quality time.” I think we’re both getting a crash course on how to value and balance our time as well as guard and spend it with the people who need it most.

Thus, date night.

We galavanted into the city for a night of just enjoying each other. We caught some picture worthy scenery and I couldn’t resist commenting on trendy people (some look better working out than I do on “good days.”  NYers work out in style… and high buns!) We let spontaneity take over and stumbled upon Don Giovanni Ristorante, a scrumptious Italian joint that fed me some good baked ziti. After that we walked The High Line. If you have not visited The High Line you should! I’m sure it is beautiful during the day but at night, when tomorrow is on the brink of rain, the evening sky felt more extravagant and dreamy. You can find it on the West Side of Manhattan and it is actually a elevated historical freight rail line that has been made into a long pathway. You can catch some nice skylines, picture worthy moments, admire the plant life, marvel over the old and modern buildings side-by-side of each other, see cool street art, and spy on people in their apartments. I love being outside so it was the perfect thing to do at night and it wasn’t even my idea!

Upon strolling, we talked, admired and played some games such as, “Siblings or Lovers.” That game does not need much explanation. Another was “Reality Pinterest.” I did that mostly. “A Man/Woman and his/her ______.” You fill in the blank with what sticks out to you. It is only us that would say, “a woman and her satchel” at the same time. Lastly,  as a result of being the couple that moves out of the way for oncoming people, we played “Stand Your Ground.” A bit of a sociology test. Maybe you can relate?

Obviously, none of these games truly exist and are marketed for guaranteed fun but it makes us happy. That’s the thing. It doesn’t take much. Just a bit of imagination, simplicity, and joy. The new and improved Steve and Tina.

Date Night.


3 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. hey Gina! i loved this :) so happy you and Matty B have found one another – you seem just perfect together! thanks for making me smile. see you at christmas!! -N

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