Summer Mix

This Summer we had our small groups again and I had the honor of leading our Young Adults group, The Mix. Every time we get together it is instant conversation/fun and I never take that for granted. Special shout out to Michelle and Mike who gladly opened their home and helped host with Tuesday Nights. Also, thank you Michelle for letting me take joy in your Pinterest creations and conversing with me until all hours of the night. This is like the third time you made it into my blog. Not many people can say that! Special thanks to Craig Groeschel for his well thought out, God-inspired curriculum…err… I don’t know Craig on a personal level. Although, I did meet him once… I should dig out that picture for you guys, just for laughs and to prove I’m not a liar. It has to be on Facebook somewhere. Be right back.

Ok found it.

Told ya! Good memories. That was totally impromptu.

Back to what I was saying. Thanks to everyone for making The Mix what it is! A mix of different people with a solid commonality- Jesus. I hope you were inspired as much as I was. Don’t settle for little, go all in to what Christ has for you! I love that I get to do life with you guys and I really mean that.

Until next time.


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