Lost in NY… With Nettie.

Nettie, Nettie, Nettie. Nettie Pot, Nettiekenezer, Nettie Nubs, “I am BEAUTY”, came to NY for a less-than-a-week visit which included a little time spent with ME! I have not seen Nettie in the living flesh since I graduated SEU and it has been a longgggg timeeee…

Stop 1: MoMA

I absolutely love and adore museums and a chance to go to the MoMA again is something I will not pass up! One of my favorites are collages on canvas by Mark Bradford who exhibits a lot of mix media. I love how he uses torn and pasted printed paper to make a story on canvas. In our limited amount of time we saw a decent amount of artwork. Also, we took a picture in front of the famous language-based painting, “Cats in Bag Bags in River” by Christopher Wool. Did you know that this line is from the old flick, The Sweet Smell of Success, spoken by Tony Curtis? Kitties!

Stop 2: Hard Rock Café

What is an experience without food? LAME! Our next stop- The Hard Rock Café for killer nachos grande and really tasty basil lemonade. The Hard Rock marks the moments of: watching a werewolf dance to thriller and Matt experiencing the Nettie-phsyce, in full. Any man that can handle my Nettie is my hero.

Stop 3: Times Square

We didn’t just experience Times Square but that was the majority of our galavanting. We walked around, snapped pictures, embraced the tourist experience even though I’m not a tourist. Nettie payed money to be harassed by the Naked Cowboy, we witnessed Satanists chanting on street corners, and saw the police run to absolve some sort of conflict. Only in NY.

Stop 4: Naked Cowboy

Well, yeah enough said. That man has more money than me.

Step 5: Dessert at Lindy’s

If you want a really good cheesecake, head to Lindy’s Diner. Needless to say, none of us ordered cheesecake. We shared some monstrosity of a chocolate masterpiece and not-your-mama’s-average-ice-cream-sandwich.

We reminisced about old professors, Tackett classes, broken mirrors on Valentine’s day, JuicyStar07, locking Marissa out of our room (sorry Roo, I know you are going to see this), and well lots of other things. No cries, just many laughs and new memories. Most of all, I appreciated the little serious talks in between our laughter and joking. Like where life has taken us, who we now surround ourselves with, what we do with our time, how things have changed; how we have grown and what we have learned. Dearest Nettie, I have missed you a bunch and I’m so happy that we were able to experience some NY together. Thank you for making my Saturday so special. Oh, and thanks for breaking Matthew in easy ;) See you in Florida? Love you.

We Famous.



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