Can I Have Some Change?

Ever since my high school exit, I’ve had this random drive to change things or maybe the better term is to improve (my SATs suffered but my social life was great and I knew every lyric to every song on my outdated iPod). Really on all levels. School stuff, getting involved in activities, never getting under a 90%, physical fitness stuff, relationships, and my walk with God. Of course, not all of those ambitious goals stayed constant. Some effects of change I wanted to happen… yesterday. I always wanted to change something to get myself one step ahead. Some of that stuff was good, some not so beneficial.

Now that I’m not 17 anymore and have matured over the years, I’ve really have been rollin’ around in my brain this concept of “change.” Change is to make or to become different. To make or become a different substance completely. Without change, there is no growth, no new life experiences, no risk or adventure. There is a lack of freshness, a dry of inspiration, a subtraction of faith. There is a stunt in learning about others and who you are. It imprisons rather than frees you.

In my opinion, facing change without God is a lost cause and less fulfilling. Instead of doing things on my own, I trade in my tools and ways of doing things and receive peace, joy, strength and courage in return.

The great thing about change is that sometimes, it is not overnight. I know we like it that way. We get everything in an instant these days but isn’t that why change is so sweet in the end? Because it didn’t just happen. It didn’t happen without time, help, emotion, and stepping stones. There is victory in change because it actually took something! You gave of yourself and hopefully exchanged a piece of you for something better.

All little steps of change result in a big product over time. What little things can you do today to change? Embrace the clean slate of today! Believe today. Just because things have happened before doesn’t mean that they have the authority to keep you stagnant forever.

I don’t know, just some food for thought.



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