Sounds of Fall

Riding in the car, walking down the street, pushing papers at work, running in your sneeks, holding hands with your love, singing at the top of your lungs with some girlfriends, or getting lost in your favorite activity or talent. Music really reflects the playlist of your life. Think about it. Songs bring you back to your high school bleechers, childhood dance offs, your best friend’s backyard, heartbreaking times, and lazy beach days. We connect to places, people, and events through sounds that have spoken to us.

  I love music that inspires and makes you think. Being human is a crazy thing. There is nothing on the planet like us. Nothing that connects like we do and experiences emotion like we do. We have the ability to destroy and innovate with the same hands. There is nothing like the human condition and if music can encapsulate that than it is special.

This season always brings about a great, heartfelt playlist filled with old and new. The air is freeing, things are dying yet still look beautiful and all that calls for a great soundtrack as you go about life buying yourself an overpriced Starbucks drink (Guilty. PSL anyone?).

Let’s be real, they released their new album Babel and it is sick. They kill it every time. Put Mumford on and I run around like an idiot because my heart is that uplifted. Leaving out how pretty she is, she has a beautiful voice to match. I love her 50’s and 60’s vibe with a modern twist. At first her songs seem somewhat awkward but still interesting.

Here’s to more folkie pop songs. They create a dreamy little world. Have you very cooked to Of Monsters and Men? I have and it made slicing tomatoes so much better.

Stir my soul and sing me a story! Good ‘ol foot stompin’ and howlin’. May I harmonize to you everyday? Loving The Lumineers right now.

City and Colour. First off if you’re going to use “our” in “color” I will favor you more than usual. Dallas always provides with his solo stuff.Rayyyyy,  rainy days, and pancakes and coffee go together so well. Take a deep breathe and listen to LaMontagne’s rich voice.

Break it out! Break it out! Oh speak to me and remind me of my last college semester. I hear “Pyro” and this is my stream of thinking: making my bed, Marissa, turtle on the floor, red cup of coffee, let’s skip class to read in bed.

Completely guilty. Again. Do you know how long I have fought Taylor Swift? Tooth and nail baby, tooth and nail.

Ohhh yeahhh and this. Remember when I said, ” singing at the top of your lungs with some girlfriends.” Picture this weekend, an engagement party, and Michelle, Kim and I sitting in lawn chairs singing, “Don’t Leave Me This Way.”

Some jumbled insight and advice: Listen to other tracks by Gotye other than, “Somebody That I Used to Know.” And don’t worry, I love to get my groove on- Beyonce, Rihanna and Diamonds. I like to get my kid on, therefore “Baby you light up my world like nobody else. The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed.” Until next time, riding the “Gangnam Style” wave.


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