Do you wog too?

This may sound outlandish but this girl, ::thumbs pointing inward::, has been getting her physical fitness on. I know shocking. Usually people kick into beach-bod gear in the Spring, rushing to get those “Situation” abs ready for the sun and the opposite sex. Pinpoint me for going against the grain but I kicked into gear late August when the heat was dissipating and I now have to put on more clothes.

I have a wonderful lake that is about 10-15 minutes away from home and wog it 2-3 times a week. Yes, “wog” it. The combination of walking and running (thank you Kim). There have been great benefits to my lake adventures other than getting healthy and people watching.

First. I’m now part of that little community that runs the lake. I am that “familiar” face. “Hey, look there goes that girl in the neon pink running shorts.” You know, I have received my first courtesy nod recently. Runner acceptance.

Second. I totally use the “Zombies, Run!” app. I never have been a huge, ahh, zombie, night of the living dead fan but it keeps things a tad more interesting and when I evade a zombie mob, I feel slight success. Cool benefits of the app if you sign in online: shows a story line and the songs that were played, the GPS tracks where you ran, how fast you ran and when you did it, how many miles, how many calories burnt, etc. It’s actually awesome and has been helping me push myself.

Third. I am sharpening up on my knowledge of dog breeds. I’m only half joking. I think about my future dog often, than think about how it is easier to leave a cat at home if I go on vacation.

Fourth. I see and meet new people. I mean, not all the time. It’s not like I’m going to strike up conversation with a random person while running but I see people I don’t usually see and that is refreshing. My work place and place of worship is the same. It’s good to get out and see unfamiliar people, who have different lifestyles, and who don’t know Jesus.

Fifth. For me, being outdoors helps me connect with God. During cool down I’ll stop somewhere, stretch, and read some scriptures. I’m surrounded by a small space of creation, I can clear my head and fill it with what matters and changes me for the better.

Lastly, I get to use my panorama option due to the new iPhone software update.

Have a happy and healthy day!


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