Baby Love

Little Hudson is coming into the world soon!

This weekend we had a wonderful baby shower for Sarah :)

The party was equip with decorations, food, baby games, presents, friends, family, and a beautiful sunny Saturday. I’ve also learned that I have a really big fascination with baby clothes and if not monitored properly can seriously harm my bank account.

On another note, it’s like baby fever up in here! This year I feel like everyone is pregnant or delivering a baby!  I can totally wait to have a kid and most people know that one but this season of the multitudes has me thinking about the whole process of birthing another human- it’s CRAZY! Or as the illiterate may say, “cray cray.” But really. In a month that big tummy is going to be gone and Hudson will be…I don’t know, here. Outside of it. Visible. He will have a personality, physical traits. His name won’t just be a name for someone we don’t fully know, see, hear, and touch. It just reminds me of how amazing God is; how involved he is in our lives and how different his creative thumb print is.

People can say, “hey, look what we made! We jumped in bed one hot night and BAM! A kid!” I get it.

“Let me tell you a little story about the birds and the bees.” The majority have all heard that awkward talk from their parents and if your life didn’t pan out that way, example A: me, your source of shameful knowledge came from your 6th grade friends. Ahh, it felt like the world laid upon my shoulders.We all know how it works and yeah you did your part but seriously, only God can create something as intricate as a baby. Honestly, it is incredible and an absolute miracle.

I’m sure I’ll feel super blessed and taken back when my day arrives but in the meantime, I celebrate with Sarah and Josh and wait expectantly…. for the next baby shower… MARYYY.

Love my pregnant friends :)


One thought on “Baby Love

  1. Gina I just saw this and read your lovely post! We are so thankful for you, your obsession with little baby clothes, and your heart for our awesome Creator :) So glad we can share our family journey with you! Love you girl!

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