Aint Nothin’ But Mammals…

…and Amphibians and Reptiles and Invertebrates.

I love the Bronx Zoo. It never fails to make my heart palpitate with joyful vibes. Why? Because every time I’ve been there I’ve had great memories. I rocked my cool shades there when I was younger, I went there with the Honors Club back in my community college days (saw a non-smoking sign, pictured Mandy smoking underneath it… Oh Mandy…), and now I have returned! With my man.

What’s not to like about the zoo! It’s the closest thing I can get to Disney, I can walk around with a map, hang in a butterfly garden and live out my dreams- duh, becoming Snow White with her animal communication skills. I got to see the red panda that I love so much and I found out that I want a fossa as a pet even though they look a bit rat-ish. Ironic. They hunt mice so I’m pretty sure I need this species in my life. Actually, one thing I don’t like about the zoo. Gorillas and monkeys. I’m actually offended that Darwin thought I developed from an ape. Grody.

We saw everythingggg. We pretty much owned the park and every attraction there and yes, we participated in Dora’s 4D adventure. It was a perfect day off, with perfect weather, and the most perfect partner. It was exactly what I needed at the right time. There is no one else who can reel me in, keep me level headed and ease me into enjoying the day to the fullest other than Matt. It may sound small and simple but I love nerding out with Matthew. I love how we planned the day and how he took control of the map, I love how he wanted to go to every attraction, and I love how he stopped with me to read little facts. I know the food sucked but I love how we sat outside and spent time talking. I love that he got overly excited about the bison exhibit, how we chased our peacock friend, and that we were the first to stand in line for Dora and not care how dumb we looked. All in the name of light hearted fun!  I love that we laugh at the same things and that he tells me how beautiful I am at the most random moments. I  am very thankful and blessed. I’ve officially met/found my match. My nerd match, my simplistic-living match, my fun match, my good ‘ol quality time match.


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