I Get By With a Little Help

Now, I’m not one for bragging and being girly about… my girlies. In fact, I can’t say the term “girlies” without feeling like I need to dress in pink, giggle, and talk in my best “Clueless” voice (maybe that’s when I started to like Paul Rudd). But recently I’ve come to this new appreciation for these two girls in my life and I’m going to disclose publicly. I can’t explain how much I appreciate Marissa and Nettie:

It’s really true, that old statement. “You can count your true friends on one hand.” The reality of humanity is no matter how many friends we want to have, we only have the capacity to really, truly open up to the few. That’s why I’m so blessed because I didn’t find girls who are just passing time. They genuinely care about me, my life, what I do and in that same sense, I feel the same about them.

Recently, their little comments, pictures, and words of encouragement are always at the right time. There have been a lot of changes going on and some challenging moments- all good but in the process, nonetheless stretching. It’s funny, people say I paid to go to college to meet my wife/husband. I say I went to college to meet my best friends. Living with people means they know the ins and outs of your life and in close quarters, you can’t hide much. They have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in regards to the anatomy of Gina. And they still like me. I’ve wondered too.

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve thrown things at each other, we’ve stuffed our faces, then tried to make up for it by walking the lake. We’ve brought homeless kitties into our dorms, shared closets, hid things on each other, communicated to one another by banging on our walls, and woke each other up to rap music. But we’ve also done this: went to chapel together, helped each other out, had morning devotions together and prayed for one another. All those other things are great, actually hysterical but it’s the spiritual aspect of our friendship that made it take root. They were the first to really spiritually challenge me as friends. To hold me accountable. They didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear. They always told me the truth in love and with grace.

Looking back and replaying our times together, I can’t help but smile and even tear up a bit. When it came to having to move back home I feared that I would lose touch with these two. Not because I wanted to but because for the majority of my life that has been the norm. Upon departing it was the first time I cried because I was leaving my girl friends. Maybe because they were more like sisters. Clear as day. Nettie came to my hotel door to say goodbye and I went back in my room and cried in bed. Then I had to say goodbye to Marissa and I remember hugging her and crying together in the parking lot. I hate crying in front of people and the one thing I dislike more than crying in front of people is putting it in writing.

One thing is for sure, there is a lot of land between Florida and New York but for us ladies- that don’t mean nuttin’.

I appreciate you both more than you know. I pray for you daily. I support your decisions. I believe in you. That you are to do big and great things, more than what you can dream up yourself. Thank you for being there for me, even still till this day :) Love you.


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