Stay Tuned

There has been SOOO much going on and for those of you who know that I live on the Eastern side of the United States, in New York, you may also know that hurricane Sandy was not very kind to me, my family, friends, and other fellow Long Islanders/ New Yorkers/ New Jersiers- you get the picture.

When I started this blog I had an amazing outlook on life. I could see the good in anything. I was in college, felt like I had my act together, I had a boyfriend, I had my friends, I dealt with my parents divorce with maturity, my teachers loved me, I was involved in helping others, I was embarking on a new adventure of post-grad life, and my world was cookie-cut into nice sectional areas and for the person who likes things to fall neatly in place, that was good for me. Now everything was not perfect but it was good enough. I gave myself a pat on the shoulder every time I thought, “thank goodness I’m not stuck in my own little world of a Christian-University. Sheltered and all.” I mean, I grew up in New York! I went to public school, was raised outside of a church atmosphere and partied!

Looking back now, okay, maybe I really wasn’t sheltered but I developed my own perfect little world outside of real life. I mean, it’s not necessary bad or good. It just happened. Since then, I’ve had a reality check in the best way ever. This past year and a half has been extremely challenging, rewarding, eyeopening and… an adventure.

When I say the best way ever, it doesn’t mean the easiest way ever. Most of the situations and decisions I had to make were difficult, heartbreaking, and stretched me beyond what I thought I could be stretched. Honestly, at times I thought I was going to break. Like I said before, I used to see the good in everything. Of course I could. Life was easy even if I didn’t know it at the time! The real test is when you can see the good in life when things gets tough. Or really, when you can see God in life when things gets tough. My real conclusion is this, I make the choice to see the good in everything. I thought I was making the choice before but when rubber meets road in a vigorous way, you start to really examine yourself and see what your made of. I choose to learn from the circumstances that just plan ‘ol suck. To see the brightness and kindness in humanity and overall, to see how God really does mean it when He promises, “I work all things out for your good” (abbreviated Gina version).

Needless to say, in the most uncomplicated stream of words, I’ve learned a lot and experienced a lot this past month, especially since Sandy hit. So with that, stay tuned! Because I have a lot more to share.


3 thoughts on “Stay Tuned

  1. Gina, this is a beautiful post. God never gives you more than you can handle, but He does allow us to meander to realize how much we NEED Him. That whole depending on Him thing…. :) This year too has been hard and will continue to be hard but we will get thru it together!

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