The Art of Losing Your Wallet

Have you ever lost your wallet? HORRIBLE feeling. It’s that extra appendage attached to your body that has a personality of it’s own. Think about it. Not only does it hold the benefits of working a day to day job… money, it is a small canvas that reflects and paints the personality of you… what bank you trust, what stores you shop at, what health care your under, where you live, what you look like, where you like to eat, where you get your coffee, where you work, how many grandkids you have (creepy) and if you leave receipts in there, how much you spend.


I can officially join the bandwagon along with all the other citizens of this grand world and say, “yes I have once lost my wallet.” Two weeks after Sandy, I started getting back into a normal work schedule and it felt good but it was as if pieces of my brain were vacationing somewhere else. I felt like I couldn’t retain information as much and I couldn’t multitask well. I’ve heard people explain how your brain can just check out. Now I get it. I was screaming at my brain to check in and it was aimlessly taking his time. Here I am thinking, this is fine, I got it together but now I’m well-informed that sometimes focusing is out of our control.

So how did you lose it you may ask? I left it on top of my car when pumping my gas and drove away. Don’t judge me. I was texting, then I took a phone call and was rushing to BJs. See, proof that I was deficient in the multitasking arena or that I was overly distracted with the excitement of pumping my gas for the first time without a massive line.

I learned that you really don’t know what you have in your wallet until you lose it. I got out of the car at BJs only to conceive the reality of, “I don’t think I have my BJs card with me. Ohh, I don’t have my wallet at all!!!” I barreled in the car, drove back to the scene of the crime, and spoke with the owner of the station. Nothing. I traced my tracks over and over and over again. I trusted God, then I cried, then I got imprudent, then my dad called, then I called my mom, then I called Matt. I already lost an assortment this month, why my wallet?! Just being honest. This normally wouldn’t matter to me on any normal day. I would just cancel my cards, get a new license (I really need to), call it a day BUT, big but. I had in there gift cards and cash from friends who supported me through the hurricane situation. Ironically, I never carry around cash, that’s usually my problem. This was the first time I did and if any law-abiding, gracious civilian wanted to return my wallet, they would send it to my old address.

One police report later, one drive to my old house, and one phone call to Marissa, I felt alleviated. Here is where the principle of this story takes stage. After all that venting and Marissa understanding, she challenged me to list three things I’m thankful for. And would you look at that, all three had nothing to do with that wallet. After collecting time to cool down and refocus, I realized God provided for me before, so just let it go and move on. He will do it again and beyond that, what really brings joy to my life is the people in it. I’ve seen this replicated over and over again through the situations I’ve gone through. Once I really let something go and I settle it in my heart, God never, never fails to restore what I feel like I lost. Life is a classroom, we’re students in this never ending cycle. Just shaking off the excess is really all it is. Baring and shredding down to the substantial. The simple building blocks of the human soul.

Long story short. I got my wallet back that night. With everything in it. I know. It’s a legit miracle. An older man riding his bike, who only spoke Hindi saw me drive away and picked it up. He brought it home and explained the story to his English speaking son. I can’t deny that it was an interesting and bizarre process of identifying myself and waiting 45 minutes to have it in my hands but whatever! I was beyond grateful and relieved. Don’t miss or delay the opportunity to trust God, no matter how terrible the outlook seems and remember to keep what really matters in life the bull’s eye of your heart.


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