MagazinesYou remember the Wedding Planner right? Where J-Lo runs around meeting odds and ends for crazy brides. Well I have decided, if you let me, to let you in on my wedding planning fiascos. I can’t plan your wedding, and Lord knows I wouldn’t for any amount of money but I can give you some advice and insight on a few things I’ve learned. I know nothing about weddings so glean from my crash course. Thus, the title of this blog. I will be a white, flat butt, never married (yet), no Marc Anthony (thank goodness), no kids, no celebrity status, version of Jennifer Lopez.

Ok, I’m over the dramatic entrance of that paragraph. Moving on. You only live in this moment once! This will be the only time where I straddle the line of not being single and not being married. Why not document for the fun of it! So stay tuned for some sporadic posts from this bride-to-be.


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