The End of an Era

(AKA: Peace Out Hotel)

I know, that’s right. The lease has been signed, the current attendants have moved out, the process of renovating is commencing, and we have moved into our new Seaford home. Renting of course. I know this sounds peculiar but not living in a hotel seems… weird. It’s been a little over two months now. Thursday night, I came back from work and my mom and I packed everything up and unloaded our fourth floor room into our cars. After the last trip, I turned the ignition and a familiar song came on. It was the same one that I played when I sat in my car, in front of my Amityville house praying and crying. I didn’t want to go back in there again and I had no idea where we would be next. How apropos. A closing of another chapter in my life.

Just a few in betweens. In my last living-status post, I had no idea where I would be. Well, we wound up being extended twice by FEMA, which although very last minute, was a huge blessing. It felt sereal leaving as I looked back at the hotel and if you’re asking, “did you really look back?”, as a sentimental person, yes I did. Moving again made me recall all the other times I’ve moved and I can’t help but think how every situation, I just picked up and left. No wandering in the halls, no taking in little last moments, no reminiceing of memories. I leave in a whirlwind. Always.

When I was younger we moved from West Hempstead to Massapeuqa. I was in 6th grade so it’s not like I prepared for the switch. I was there one day and then the next, in my new house. Then was the move from Massapequa to Amityville. The house was actually sold while I was in Jerusalem, Israel and I viewed the news via email from my mom. We came back, packed up shop and moving day was such a rush, I just left. Then there was college. I attended SEU for three years and if anyone has survived moving day and graduation, everyone knows there ain’t no time for nuttin’. Before I knew it I was on a plane to New York. Then… Amityville. Sandy happened and the next day you find out you’re not going back. Now… the hotel. We pulled the trigger before the storm hit this weekend and just moved.

Now because I try to find the layer of spiritual behind everything in my life, I’ve riddled this:

1. I think God just picks me up quickly and plants me somewhere else fast because He knows me. I’m a lingerer and although I am excited for the future, I am programmed, more than others I feel sometimes, to look at the past. I’ve always been like this since I was a little girl. I can look at these matters and feel contempt or I can learn once again, the value of the present and wait expectantly for what lies ahead. The past really is that. The past. Most of the greats are the ones who are flexible and are able to move to the next thing. So I must be in good company. ::cross fingers::

2. Now that the storage unit has vomited everywhere in our house and has created a mountain of God knows what, we all have come to the realization that we don’t need this stuff. It’s clutter. I’ve lived without it for almost four months now and living without it has been liberating! Without knowing, that “stuff” kind of holds you down. Time to clean house again and keep the focus on what really matters.

3. Lastly, it’s funny how you get moved into a new home, and you see the wrong. You see the work ahead, how dirty things are, the list of things to fix, etc. Each day though, I’m standing in an answered prayer! GET A GRIP GIRL! Time to look FORWARD and at what is next.

When you’re in trying situations, where you feel displaced and uncomfortable, you don’t see it at that time but you are being shaped and formed; to come out more mature than what you were before. It sounds crazy, but after the hard work, the parting with things, the cries, frustrations, sometimes even complaining, I’m grateful that it happened. I’ve learned to praise God through situations, trust Him with my life, with my next moves, to be flexible, to refocus, and to be grateful for who I have not what I have.

The End of an Era… Sort of.

Here’s to Seaford and a New Home! 


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