Sneak Peak

I’m sneaking onto WordPress, late at night, before I have to change the clocks forward, to give you a little sneak peak at our engagement photo session last Saturday. Matthew and I have been searching around and running budget numbers for awhile now. Call us picky, but it took us time to settle on a photographer. We looked at solo photographers, company photographers, this one, that one. Little did I know… because Matt did, we had talented photographers right under our nose!

Bill works at Apple with Matthew and is married to beautiful Cecil, who was once a graphic illustrator (I might be getting this wrong but I’m in the ballpark). Cecil left her job to pursue her photography passion and now teams with Bill to take wonderful pictures. Thus, Once Upon a Honey B.

Being the newly engaged couple as we are, Matt and I are amateurs when it comes to posing like a happily-soon-to-be-married-couple but Bill and Cecil guided us along the way. I mean, we’re totally happy in natural surroundings but we have the tendency to look, possibly, goofy, under these circumstances. Nonetheless, Cecil and Bill made us so comfortable. At one point Matt and I were like, “this is fun. Can we do this every day?” Paparazzi actionnn!  We had a fantastic time walking around, exploring different spots in Central Park. Even though I live in New York, it was actually my first time roaming around Central Park. I know, I’m a bit ashamed myself but what an awesome way to spend my first. Not to mention, my Maid of Honor, Marissa, was in town and came along for the ride. What a trooper. She was a little photographer too.


So, here’s a little sneak peak because it is the only photo I have: 



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