Bosom Buddies

The other title for this was, “Everything I did with Marissa, That you did not do with Marissa.” But it was too long. There’s nothing better than a visit from a wonderful bestie. It was a Tuesday night, our storage unit was finally emptied in our new home and Matt and I were breaking down a few boxes when… Marissa called to tell me that she was flying up for a visit. Yay, yay, yay! Words to a bride-to-be’s ears from a maid of honor. I love Swiech. And of course we had a fun filled time in New York.

Some of my favorite things.

The Arrival: 

Matt, Meg, Jay, and I picked Marissa up from the airport! New York meets Florida once again! It was great having Marissa meet the special people that are in my life today. We had some froyo, a lot of laughs and called it a night.

 Early Saturday:

I had my enagement shoot in Central Park early in the morning, so to make that ugly morning better, we fueled up with Dunkin. It was so much fun having her there, not because she held our jackets and cheered us along in the chilly weather, and snapped random shots of us, but because I love sharing big life things with her. It was our first time in Central Park too!CP

After a nice cup of Starbucks, Matt had to depart but we ran around the city like hooligans! Our first stop was lunch at Cosi for delicious soup, sandwiches, catch up conversations. We planned out our day on a napkin too. Not because we couldn’t find paper. It just felt cool. Then we walked to Aroma coffee which we haven’t tasted since we were in Israel (separate trips but ya know). A delightful experience.


Then we hiked along in search of the subway station. I am actually afraid of subways mostly because I’m afraid of getting lost. I would have opted for a cab but what is the fun in that?! Marissa was determined to conquer the subway system with this noobie.

These two chicks made it through the Subway and walked into the fashion district. “Ohhhh, you were going there to check out all that fashion stuff”, you may say. Although we stopped into the FIT Museum to laugh… I mean admire the displays, we totally roamed around Seventh Avenue at 27th Street just to see where Samuel Jackson and the Rock “jumped off” a building in The Other Guys. After we took a bunch of pictures and acted like idiots, we walked all the way to Peter McManus Cafe to observe where Will Ferrell and Marky Mark once sat… in The Other Guys. I can only do these certain things with Marissa Swiech. Anyone else would hate me.


Times Square was our last stop to get our token pictures, spend money at Sephora, purchase matching necklaces at Forever21, grab a pretzel, buy pizza, and get hit on by a bunch of drunk guys. We did this surrounded by snow flurries! Romantic flair.



I love Sundays with Marissa because she visited enough now that people at church know her. We were asked if we were related at least ten times. I’m not exaggerating. The church atmosphere is such a big part of my life and I appreciate when Marissa gets added to it. It makes my heart happy.

After church, we headed back to the Bellomos to eat lunch and relax! Marissa and I are the biggest Lost fans. That was common ground when we first started living together. Now that I’ve been home, Matt and I have made it to the last season of Lost. So what else would we do on a Sunday… DUH. We watched Lost. Then the premiere of The Bible. Oh, and we ate again. Below you will see a non-flattering picture of us.



We tried to sleep in but there wasn’t much time for that. We woke, pulled up our britches and went to David’s Bridal with my mama. Considering Marissa is oh-so-very-far-away, it’s a great feeling to have your maid of honor there with you searching to find your perfect wedding dress, which, I did! Then we ran around the store shopping for bridesmaid dresses. Joan, our associate, was awesome and after I said “yes” to the dress, I rang a bell. Kind of sounded like I was herding in cattle. Ok.

After a celebratory lunch, we went home, crashed, drove with Matt to Taco Bell, graced Friendly’s with our presence, and our matching Ninja Turtles shirts, then went home to watch a movie. Also, I can put this picture up because it is not my wedding dress. Most will say, “well, you shouldn’t put it up regardless because now people have seen you in a pretty, white dress!” I say, “If I look this frumpy on my wedding day. Shoot me.” You don’t know what the finish product will look like! Plus it’s the only shot of Marissa helping a girl out.



Time for work! I did my own thing for awhile but Marissa stopped by the office and helped paint one of the rooms downstairs near the auditorium. After, we grabbed some food and played… GAMES OF THRONES. Which could be confusing and addicting at the same time. Matt won. But one day I will beat him. I just want to go to war with everyone and laugh at the descriptions on the cards. Glorified Pokemon.


Wednesday Drop Off:

This post may look like a documentary to you but to me it is full of life, expression, and days that I really treasure. As we drove to the airport with Taylor Swift bumping through the speakers, I couldn’t help but feel sad dropping off Roo. This time was a bit different then the other ones. Throughout her whole visit it felt like she lived in NY forever, and I don’t mean that in a negative way, I mean it in a you-are-home-to-me; positive way. Clarification: I’m totally straight saying this too. It felt like I never picked her up and never had to drop her off, like she lived here since I’ve been on Long Island. But I guess, that’s what real friendships feel like, never ending.

Friendships, dare I say, sisterhoods, like this are not always common and I can’t put into words how much Marissa has played a significant role in my life. A part of me has been completely molded by her and the memories that we share.roo

So we have agreed although Matt is my best friend, taking over that husband role of course, Marissa and I are bosom buddies. Sounds weird but totally applicable to our friendship. Anne of Green Gables had a bosom buddy. Why can’t I?


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