Today is April 9th and it is not just an ordinary day! Today, is the day where END IT MOVEMENT saturated the United States with images, facts, and visuals… exposing the truth of modern day slavery. Those caught in the never ending cycle of slavery are crippled in their situation and do not have a voice. Fortunately, you do, and it holds more weight than you think! It is a complete injustice if we sit around and do nothing as others are treated like mere objects.

fb_cover4Look at these heartbreaking statistics. 27 million people are enslaved, worldwide. That’s the population of New York Metro. It only costs on average, $90 or less to purchase a human being. Human trafficking exists in 161 countries. The slave industry makes bank- $32 billion dollars each year. 80% are women and around 5,000 women and girls are trafficked and raped in the United States. Right in your neighborhood.



So what can you do about it?

1.  Sign the End It petition online. You’re one more extra person saying, “no, this is wrong and it needs to stop.”

2. Give of your finances. End It partners with various, trusted coalitions that deal with all types of slavery.

3. Share with those around you. Don’t keep your mouth shut when the subject comes up. There are so many resources out there! Use social media to your advantage. #enditmovement

I’m so proud that I’m a part of a church that unites with a movement with the means to bring freedom to all. This Sunday we will be taking a special offering that will help with the End It efforts. Don’t stand idle. A real life is lived through action.



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